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Introduction and Status

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but, if you are not already familiar with TOI, consider visiting The Other Israel web site . From there you will find links to a table of contents and selected articles from its most recent issue, and to a brief history of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (ICIPP) , the group that founded the publication.

The Other Israel has now been published for nearly twenty years, which represents a time span from the 1982 Lebanon war through the First Intifada and into the present cycled violence. TOI has served as an important gathering of reports not always found in large news media.These are reports from grassroots peace groups within Israel reaching out to counterpart Palestinians seeking peace and often providing a witness for justice in the midst of a tense public confrontation. The reporting of events is further interpreted by penetrating essays from members.

In great part due to the continuous editorship of TOI by Adam Keller from the inception of the publication, there is much consistency of presentation and usefulness for study of the Israeli Palestinian confict. The archives presented here are a first step to providing the entire collection of TOI in a way that is useful to serious students of conflict resolution and peace studies. To foster its academic use, tools for full text search are the next improvement planned for this archive site.

The current presentation at this site only offers the convenience of Table of Content links to anchors within the issue text. The current archives (as converted from original print text markup files) are not certain to be free of errors. The current archive contains only about 40% of the published TOI issues (from 1994 to the present).

Extending the Archive

Web presentation of earlier issues will require a process of direct scanning of the original printings followed by a careful proofreading of the initial text and then conversion to HTML documents. Individuals or student groups interested to help in this project should contact

The Other Israel has always contained a statement in an inset box declaring: " NO COPYRIGHT Our articles may be reprinted provided they include the address The Other Israel POB 2542 Holon 58125, Israel" .

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