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These archives are a portion of 100 issue numbers of The Other Israel published since July 1983.  At present this archive reaches back to 1994.



  Hypertext version compared to the original printing

The original text of each issue is supplemented here, by a Table of Contents offering Links to editorials, feature articles, essays and other reports within each Issue. The original 2 column printed format is presented here in a single column _ a single hypertext page. The page numbers embedded in the text of the Reading Frame, represent the end of column 2 for any given page in the original.

Some articles in the original were continued onto non-sequential pages and may have a similarly separated sequence in the 1 column format here. Wherever possible, separated portions of an article have been joined together in this hypertext version. Marking phrases (eg. "Continued on Page 10") have been retained within the joined article to show that the article was divided in its source printing.

[Additions] are in brackets. Some articles which may not have had a formal title in the original printing and have a title added within [brackets] so that each link in the Table of Contents will have an appropriate visible anchor in the text.

The Other Israel has always contained an statement with an inset box declaring: " NO COPYRIGHT Our articles may be reprinted provided they include the address The Other Israel POB 2542 Holon 58125, Israel" .

When copying or citing portions of this text, please include a hyperlink to the existing web site for The Other Israel This site presents portions of the most Current Issue of The Other Israel.

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