The Other Israel is the Newsletter of the Israeli Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The Other Israel has been published since July 1983 and is a record of Israelis joining Palestinians to seek peace. Advocacy within these pages has focused understanding beyond the tragedy of myopic governments and has truly warned of those devising paths that destroy peace.

The domain "" serves as a gateway to a record of remarkable leadership. The record is not only a valuable reference to the words of thoughtful authors. These words are a record of direct and non-violent witness facing inflammatory violence that seeks to divert the necessary steps toward peace.

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Archive of The Other Israel

As of Jan 2003, the archive reaches back to 1994. TOI-archive is intended for serious students of peace and conflict resolution; therefore search tools are the next improvement planned for the collection.

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Extending the Archive

To complete the archive, many of the earlier issues of TOI will be digitized by scanning from original printed issues, followed by OCR processing. This will require additional proofreading comparison to the original print. Individuals or student groups wishing to help in that effort should contact for more information. The process will involve sending the volunteer a text file of the rough document produced by the OCR software. The volunteer can work with a simple text editor to proofread and correct this file, and the corrected file will be submitted for further review by email.

The Other Israel has always contained a statement in an inset box declaring: " NO COPYRIGHT Our articles may be reprinted provided they include the address The Other Israel POB 2542 Holon 58125, Israel"

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